My Italian car fixation


Those who know me know of my passion for Italian cars.


I donít know what makes a person develop a passion for certain things.For me, my first memory of a car that sticks out in my head was my uncle Teddieís early 60ís Cadillac.Back then, these darn things were the ultimate American luxury car, which didnít mean as much to me as the fact that everything in this car was electric Ė power windows, power door locks, power convertible top, ..Even as a kid I knew that this car was something different.I can remember sitting in that car with my cousins and playing with the windows.Somewhere during one of those moments, the Ďcar nutí neuron got hard wired in my brain.


After my first car, a lowley Datsun B210 Hatchback, was totaled by some yahoo who ran a red light, I was turned on to an Alfa Romeo Berlina that was being sold by the boss of a fathers friend.My first thought was ďAlfa Romeo, I canít afford one of thoseĒ, however all Alfas are undervalued and this one could be had for $1400.


Ven Fonte, local club hot shoe and holder of many incredible lap times at various tracks in his í75 Spider (a car I would end up owning), gave me my first ride in an Alfa.Ven did things with that car that I could not believe any car was capable of, and all this in a four door sedan that resembled a Volvo.It was during that ride, probably as I stumbled out of the car, that the ĎAlfa Romeoí neuron got hard wired in my brain.I was hooked, and remember telling Ven that he needed to drive slower when I came back with my father, whom I was hoping I could convince that an Alfa Berlina was a safe, mundane, family sedan.


The rest is history.I owned that Berlina, then another one.I talked Ven into selling me his í75 Spider, a car which I completely fell in love with and which broke my heart when it went up in flames years later.I replaced the í75 Spider with a í72, into which I transplanted the heart and soul of the í75 (the Wounded Warrior lives on!).Iíve had many Alfetta Sedans (one of which I sold to Vens son Nick many years later, and in which he continually kicks my butt out on the race track), a couple of GTVís, GTV6ís, Milanoís, and have recently branched out into a Maserati Bora.


Finally, my heart has been yearning for another Berlina, my first automotive love.Well, Iíve recently picked up a í73 Berlina, Mortimer II, a race prepped example that is ultimately unique.


The following list chronicles some of the more interesting ones.Iíve tried to list them all, and include links to the more interesting ones.Simply assembling the list has brought back many fond memories, each of them has left itís mark on me in one way or another.


Iím not a graphic designer, or a web page guru.All that follows is pictures and text.


I hope you enjoy it.


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And this one wasn't quite mine, but..

1900 Ghia


<2009_05_24 Fleet>

<2009_05_25 Garage>

<2010_06_08, Alfetta, Bora, GTV6>


Some other stuff:

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Last updated: February 22, 2023