On Thanksgiving day, 2000, we lost my cousin Kaaren to Cancer.


Kaaren was an incredible inspiration to a lot of people.  There has not been a nicer person, and in all the years she battled her different forms of cancer, she always maintained a dignity and grace that was an inspiration to all.


I had sworn off marathons forever, but for some reason I felt like I needed to do something.  Kaaren had that effect on people.  So I decided I’d try another one, to raise money towards cancer research.  It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.


The write-up of my results can be found here: <results>



Me, Bao, and Matt.  Old guy (with bad knees), US Marine, and young studly soccer player.  Which one would you put your money on to win?



Damn Kenyans had a slight head start!




There’s Matt!




Hey look, I won!  Where’s Matt?  Where’s Bao?  Ha ha ha ha!




Feeling good..




Piece of cake..




Beaten by the old guy – but FINISHED!!








I had to rub it in!