Boston Marathon 2002


After 2001, it seemed like running Boston was going to become a regular thing.  Id had such a great experience in 2001, I kind of figured they should all feel like that..


Well, 2002 was kind of the worst.  The training went well enough, but on the day of the event I had some dreaded intestinal problems starting around mile 15.  That resulted in frantic trips to the porta-potty every couple miles or so, leaving me completely dehydrated by mile 20.


Ignoring all the warning signs (what, no more sweating?), I soldiered on, but the last 6 miles were kind of brutal.


Matt and Bao got their revenge this year.  For me, to finish (alive) was to win..



Half way, looking relaxed.




No sign of Brian behind us..




Bao gets a little help..



Dad gets a little help nearing the finish line.



The most brutal finish ever for me, glad it was over..