This page contains pictures taken from the AONE archives of the 1980 AROC national convention, which was held in Danvers, Mass.  I'm looking to identify people and cars, if you can provide any information, please e-mail me at


Special thanks to Gil Gagne, the convention chairman, for getting the ball rolling.  I knew a few people, Gil provided a lot more information.  Carl Bolivar & Fred DiMatteo were some of original founders of AONE. Howard Rockstad was pres. in 1980, Gil was VP and did a tech column for Velocissima.


Pictures of the Concours at the Ferncroft Hotel can be found <here>.


Pictures of the Time Trials at Westboro Speedway can be found <here>.



[thumbnail of File0230.jpg]"File0230.jpg" 169566 bytes


[thumbnail of File0231.jpg]"File0231.jpg" 157881 bytes


[thumbnail of File0232.jpg]"File0232.jpg" 170716 bytes, Mary Feeney (Fran O'Connor's girlfriend) & Jim Miga in pool on right


[thumbnail of File0233.jpg]"File0233.jpg" 174715 bytes


[thumbnail of File0235.jpg]"File0235.jpg" 147520 bytes, from right: Fred, Anne, ???, Karen Gagne, Gil (speaking). Guy Abate with bald spot in foreground.


[thumbnail of File0236.jpg]"File0236.jpg" 138064 bytes, Gil Gagne at the lectern, Karen Gagne


[thumbnail of File0237.jpg]"File0237.jpg" 130066 bytes


[thumbnail of File0238.jpg]"File0238.jpg" 95842 bytes


[thumbnail of File0239.jpg]"File0239.jpg" 214061 bytes


[thumbnail of File0240.jpg]"File0240.jpg" 101769 bytes


[thumbnail of File0242.jpg]"File0242.jpg" 200687 bytes


[thumbnail of File0243.jpg]"File0243.jpg" 148120 bytes, Fred DiMatteo getting somebody to check the tire pressure in his 1971 Spider.  Possibly Chuck Ellis in white slacks.


[thumbnail of File0244.jpg]"File0244.jpg" 141401 bytes


[thumbnail of File0245.jpg]"File0245.jpg" 130767 bytes


[thumbnail of File0246.jpg]"File0246.jpg" 148103 bytes, Guy Abate


[thumbnail of File0247.jpg]"File0247.jpg" 179474 bytes


[thumbnail of File0248.jpg]"File0248.jpg" 174734 bytes


[thumbnail of File0250.jpg]"File0250.jpg" 202943 bytes


[thumbnail of File0251.jpg]"File0251.jpg" 163573 bytes


[thumbnail of File0252.jpg]"File0252.jpg" 144436 bytes, May be Fran O'Connor


[thumbnail of File0253.jpg]"File0253.jpg" 133854 bytes


[thumbnail of File0254.jpg]"File0254.jpg" 178468 bytes


[thumbnail of File0255.jpg]"File0255.jpg" 166512 bytes


[thumbnail of File0256.jpg]"File0256.jpg" 205619 bytes


[thumbnail of File0257.jpg]"File0257.jpg" 204027 bytes


[thumbnail of File0258.jpg]"File0258.jpg" 221983 bytes, Dave Yaeger (sp?) in white t-shirt?


[thumbnail of File0259.jpg]"File0259.jpg" 139192 bytes, Pompeo (sp?), at the wheel of Ven Fonte's 1975 Spider.


[thumbnail of File0260.jpg]"File0260.jpg" 130836 bytes, Looks like Paul Engborg in his Honda Accord


[thumbnail of File0261.jpg]"File0261.jpg" 178952 bytes


[thumbnail of File0262.jpg]"File0262.jpg" 241698 bytes


[thumbnail of File0263.jpg]"File0263.jpg" 185395 bytes


[thumbnail of File0264.jpg]"File0264.jpg" 207877 bytes


[thumbnail of File0265.jpg]"File0265.jpg" 163903 bytes


[thumbnail of File0266.jpg]"File0266.jpg" 218297 bytes


[thumbnail of File0267.jpg]"File0267.jpg" 241060 bytes


[thumbnail of File0268.jpg]"File0268.jpg" 122235 bytes


[thumbnail of File0269.jpg]"File0269.jpg" 175323 bytes, Fred DiMatteo and one of his grandchildren, Derrick.


[thumbnail of File0270.jpg]"File0270.jpg" 134891 bytes, Chuck Ellis - he didn't bring that mustang, did he?  (I wouldn't put it past Chuck..)


[thumbnail of File0271.jpg]"File0271.jpg" 167808 bytes


[thumbnail of File0272.jpg]"File0272.jpg" 155254 bytes, Guy Abate and ??


[thumbnail of File0273.jpg]"File0273.jpg" 115807 bytes, Fran O'connor


[thumbnail of File0274.jpg]"File0274.jpg" 146914 bytes


[thumbnail of File0275.jpg]"File0275.jpg" 146730 bytes


[thumbnail of File0276.jpg]"File0276.jpg" 143959 bytes, Pompeo (sp?), John McDonald, ??


[thumbnail of File0277.jpg]"File0277.jpg" 243865 bytes


[thumbnail of File0278.jpg]"File0278.jpg" 173287 bytes


[thumbnail of File0279.jpg]"File0279.jpg" 176644 bytes


[thumbnail of File0280.jpg]"File0280.jpg" 165446 bytes


[thumbnail of File0281.jpg]"File0281.jpg" 168529 bytes


[thumbnail of File0282.jpg]"File0282.jpg" 221970 bytes


[thumbnail of File0283.jpg]"File0283.jpg" 175877 bytes


[thumbnail of File0284.jpg]"File0284.jpg" 89058 bytes


[thumbnail of File0285.jpg]"File0285.jpg" 128163 bytes


[thumbnail of File0286.jpg]"File0286.jpg" 130478 bytes


[thumbnail of File0287.jpg]"File0287.jpg" 128019 bytes, Frank Iacobellis (sp?), Peter Gagne.


[thumbnail of File0288.jpg]"File0288.jpg" 166717 bytes


[thumbnail of File0289.jpg]"File0289.jpg" 202403 bytes


[thumbnail of File0290.jpg]"File0290.jpg" 172169 bytes, Fred DiMatteo and one of his grandchildren, Derrick.


[thumbnail of File0291.jpg]"File0291.jpg" 126477 bytes


[thumbnail of File0292.jpg]"File0292.jpg" 146660 bytes


[thumbnail of File0293.jpg]"File0293.jpg" 213165 bytes


[thumbnail of File0294.jpg]"File0294.jpg" 229758 bytes


[thumbnail of File0295.jpg]"File0295.jpg" 188445 bytes


[thumbnail of File0296.jpg]"File0296.jpg" 134859 bytes, Pompeo (sp?)


[thumbnail of File0297.jpg]"File0297.jpg" 190509 bytes


[thumbnail of File0298.jpg]"File0298.jpg" 171584 bytes, Chuck Ellis


[thumbnail of File0299.jpg]"File0299.jpg" 114781 bytes, Howard Rockstad, past president of AONE.


[thumbnail of File0300.jpg]"File0300.jpg" 139797 bytes, Howard Rockstad & Mary Feeney.


[thumbnail of File0301.jpg]"File0301.jpg" 184356 bytes


[thumbnail of File0302.jpg]"File0302.jpg" 159628 bytes


[thumbnail of File0303.jpg]"File0303.jpg" 149172 bytes


[thumbnail of File0304.jpg]"File0304.jpg" 153891 bytes


[thumbnail of File0305.jpg]"File0305.jpg" 232283 bytes


[thumbnail of File0306.jpg]"File0306.jpg" 161650 bytes


[thumbnail of File0307.jpg]"File0307.jpg" 118283 bytes


[thumbnail of File0308.jpg]"File0308.jpg" 204986 bytes


[thumbnail of File0309.jpg]"File0309.jpg" 164910 bytes


[thumbnail of File0310.jpg]"File0310.jpg" 195345 bytes


[thumbnail of File0311.jpg]"File0311.jpg" 133833 bytes, Fred DiMatteo at the wheel of his 1971 Spider.


[thumbnail of File0312.jpg]"File0312.jpg" 162215 bytes


[thumbnail of File0313.jpg]"File0313.jpg" 208257 bytes


[thumbnail of File0314.jpg]"File0314.jpg" 208976 bytes


[thumbnail of File0315.jpg]"File0315.jpg" 143206 bytes


[thumbnail of File0316.jpg]"File0316.jpg" 150004 bytes


[thumbnail of File0317.jpg]"File0317.jpg" 178015 bytes


[thumbnail of File0318.jpg]"File0318.jpg" 236730 bytes


[thumbnail of File0319.jpg]"File0319.jpg" 162340 bytes


[thumbnail of File0320.jpg]"File0320.jpg" 189036 bytes


[thumbnail of File0321.jpg]"File0321.jpg" 169659 bytes, Gil Gagne & wife, Karen.


[thumbnail of File0322.jpg]"File0322.jpg" 118236 bytes, ??, Paul Engborg.


[thumbnail of File0323.jpg]"File0323.jpg" 106525 bytes, Looks like Joe Benson, from Detroit, Spica expert.


[thumbnail of File0324.jpg]"File0324.jpg" 178093 bytes


[thumbnail of File0325.jpg]"File0325.jpg" 163621 bytes, Gil Gagne, ??


[thumbnail of File0326.jpg]"File0326.jpg" 164988 bytes


[thumbnail of File0327.jpg]"File0327.jpg" 153894 bytes, Fred DiMatteo, Mary Feeney, Jim Miga.


[thumbnail of File0328.jpg]"File0328.jpg" 150485 bytes


[thumbnail of File0329.jpg]"File0329.jpg" 152566 bytes


[thumbnail of File0330.jpg]"File0330.jpg" 106552 bytes


[thumbnail of File0331.jpg]"File0331.jpg" 104038 bytes


[thumbnail of File0332.jpg]"File0332.jpg" 101087 bytes


[thumbnail of File0333.jpg]"File0333.jpg" 126983 bytes


[thumbnail of File0334.jpg]"File0334.jpg" 75476 bytes, ??, ??, ??, Gil Gagne's 1971 Spider in background.


[thumbnail of File0335.jpg]"File0335.jpg" 121631 bytes


[thumbnail of File0336.jpg]"File0336.jpg" 103828 bytes


[thumbnail of File0337.jpg]"File0337.jpg" 108082 bytes


[thumbnail of File0338.jpg]"File0338.jpg" 139881 bytes


[thumbnail of File0339.jpg]"File0339.jpg" 99348 bytes


[thumbnail of File0340.jpg]"File0340.jpg" 103494 bytes


[thumbnail of File0341.jpg]"File0341.jpg" 92973 bytes


[thumbnail of File0342.jpg]"File0342.jpg" 138141 bytes


[thumbnail of File0343.jpg]"File0343.jpg" 117990 bytes


[thumbnail of File0344.jpg]"File0344.jpg" 131343 bytes


[thumbnail of File0345.jpg]"File0345.jpg" 80370 bytes


[thumbnail of File0346.jpg]"File0346.jpg" 151624 bytes


[thumbnail of File0347.jpg]"File0347.jpg" 162221 bytes


[thumbnail of File0348.jpg]"File0348.jpg" 171331 bytes


[thumbnail of File0349.jpg]"File0349.jpg" 171666 bytes


[thumbnail of File0350.jpg]"File0350.jpg" 152982 bytes


[thumbnail of File0351.jpg]"File0351.jpg" 182759 bytes


[thumbnail of File0352.jpg]"File0352.jpg" 129195 bytes


[thumbnail of File0353.jpg]"File0353.jpg" 190331 bytes, Howard Rockstad's Giulia, Carl Bolivar in red jacket.


[thumbnail of File0354.jpg]"File0354.jpg" 142365 bytes


[thumbnail of File0355.jpg]"File0355.jpg" 248997 bytes


[thumbnail of File0356.jpg]"File0356.jpg" 229395 bytes


[thumbnail of File0357.jpg]"File0357.jpg" 166859 bytes


[thumbnail of File0358.jpg]"File0358.jpg" 194976 bytes


[thumbnail of File0359.jpg]"File0359.jpg" 81539 bytes


[thumbnail of File0360.jpg]"File0360.jpg" 84522 bytes


[thumbnail of File0361.jpg]"File0361.jpg" 96234 bytes


[thumbnail of File0362.jpg]"File0362.jpg" 73358 bytes


[thumbnail of File0363.jpg]"File0363.jpg" 106758 bytes


[thumbnail of File0364.jpg]"File0364.jpg" 96064 bytes


[thumbnail of File0365.jpg]"File0365.jpg" 209802 bytes


[thumbnail of File0366.jpg]"File0366.jpg" 181076 bytes


[thumbnail of File0367.jpg]"File0367.jpg" 160618 bytes, George Foggs TZ2, ??


[thumbnail of File0368.jpg]"File0368.jpg" 198496 bytes


[thumbnail of File0369.jpg]"File0369.jpg" 214180 bytes


[thumbnail of File0370.jpg]"File0370.jpg" 184742 bytes


[thumbnail of File0371.jpg]"File0371.jpg" 149586 bytes, ??, Paul Glynn.


[thumbnail of File0372.jpg]"File0372.jpg" 136230 bytes


[thumbnail of File0373.jpg]"File0373.jpg" 179313 bytes


[thumbnail of File0374.jpg]"File0374.jpg" 142140 bytes


[thumbnail of File0375.jpg]"File0375.jpg" 164872 bytes


[thumbnail of File0376.jpg]"File0376.jpg" 152577 bytes


[thumbnail of File0377.jpg]"File0377.jpg" 200620 bytes


[thumbnail of File0378.jpg]"File0378.jpg" 162671 bytes


[thumbnail of File0379.jpg]"File0379.jpg" 206899 bytes


[thumbnail of File0380.jpg]"File0380.jpg" 203191 bytes


[thumbnail of File0381.jpg]"File0381.jpg" 245581 bytes


[thumbnail of File0382.jpg]"File0382.jpg" 149646 bytes


[thumbnail of File0383.jpg]"File0383.jpg" 186470 bytes


[thumbnail of File0384.jpg]"File0384.jpg" 206889 bytes


[thumbnail of File0385.jpg]"File0385.jpg" 174166 bytes


[thumbnail of File0386.jpg]"File0386.jpg" 204387 bytes


[thumbnail of File0387.jpg]"File0387.jpg" 249132 bytes


[thumbnail of File0388.jpg]"File0388.jpg" 219862 bytes, George Foggs TZ2.


[thumbnail of File0389.jpg]"File0389.jpg" 184255 bytes


[thumbnail of File0390.jpg]"File0390.jpg" 179435 bytes


[thumbnail of File0391.jpg]"File0391.jpg" 229002 bytes


[thumbnail of File0392.jpg]"File0392.jpg" 235613 bytes


[thumbnail of File0393.jpg]"File0393.jpg" 250033 bytes


[thumbnail of File0394.jpg]"File0394.jpg" 231201 bytes


[thumbnail of File0395.jpg]"File0395.jpg" 189773 bytes, Christine Daly & Jim Miga, ??.


[thumbnail of File0396.jpg]"File0396.jpg" 139928 bytes


[thumbnail of File0397.jpg]"File0397.jpg" 141708 bytes


[thumbnail of File0398.jpg]"File0398.jpg" 147186 bytes


[thumbnail of File0399.jpg]"File0399.jpg" 175965 bytes


[thumbnail of File0400.jpg]"File0400.jpg" 167280 bytes, Carl Bolivar in red jacket.


[thumbnail of File0401.jpg]"File0401.jpg" 188803 bytes


[thumbnail of File0402.jpg]"File0402.jpg" 159796 bytes


[thumbnail of File0403.jpg]"File0403.jpg" 185735 bytes


[thumbnail of File0404.jpg]"File0404.jpg" 185005 bytes


[thumbnail of File0405.jpg]"File0405.jpg" 167239 bytes


[thumbnail of File0406.jpg]"File0406.jpg" 198370 bytes


[thumbnail of File0407.jpg]"File0407.jpg" 193166 bytes


[thumbnail of File0408.jpg]"File0408.jpg" 181973 bytes


[thumbnail of File0409.jpg]"File0409.jpg" 169589 bytes


[thumbnail of File0410.jpg]"File0410.jpg" 191049 bytes


[thumbnail of File0411.jpg]"File0411.jpg" 202877 bytes


[thumbnail of File0412.jpg]"File0412.jpg" 115927 bytes


[thumbnail of File0413.jpg]"File0413.jpg" 156923 bytes


[thumbnail of File0414.jpg]"File0414.jpg" 145546 bytes


[thumbnail of File0415.jpg]"File0415.jpg" 134287 bytes


[thumbnail of File0416.jpg]"File0416.jpg" 169714 bytes


[thumbnail of File0417.jpg]"File0417.jpg" 178424 bytes


[thumbnail of File0418.jpg]"File0418.jpg" 143491 bytes, Lou Shames, ??, ??, ??.  I think that's Lou's Silver Alfetta Sedan.


[thumbnail of File0419.jpg]"File0419.jpg" 208279 bytes, Fred & Anne; Fred in yellow cap, Anne in pink skirt.


[thumbnail of File0420.jpg]"File0420.jpg" 132681 bytes


[thumbnail of File0421.jpg]"File0421.jpg" 168935 bytes


[thumbnail of File0422.jpg]"File0422.jpg" 168002 bytes


[thumbnail of File0423.jpg]"File0423.jpg" 146115 bytes, Paul Glynn with the clip board, ??


[thumbnail of File0424.jpg]"File0424.jpg" 151088 bytes


[thumbnail of File0425.jpg]"File0425.jpg" 137644 bytes


[thumbnail of File0426.jpg]"File0426.jpg" 165076 bytes


[thumbnail of File0427.jpg]"File0427.jpg" 135139 bytes


[thumbnail of File0428.jpg]"File0428.jpg" 134119 bytes


[thumbnail of File0429.jpg]"File0429.jpg" 182392 bytes


[thumbnail of File0430.jpg]"File0430.jpg" 142425 bytes


[thumbnail of File0431.jpg]"File0431.jpg" 171944 bytes


[thumbnail of File0432.jpg]"File0432.jpg" 208374 bytes, Fred & Anne.


[thumbnail of File0433.jpg]"File0433.jpg" 169300 bytes


[thumbnail of File0434.jpg]"File0434.jpg" 237885 bytes


[thumbnail of File0435.jpg]"File0435.jpg" 122232 bytes, Mary Feeney (?)


[thumbnail of File0436.jpg]"File0436.jpg" 184008 bytes


[thumbnail of File0437.jpg]"File0437.jpg" 134896 bytes, ??, Fred DiMatteo.


[thumbnail of File0438.jpg]"File0438.jpg" 147877 bytes


[thumbnail of File0439.jpg]"File0439.jpg" 134042 bytes


[thumbnail of File0440.jpg]"File0440.jpg" 121840 bytes, Howard Rockstad.


[thumbnail of File0441.jpg]"File0441.jpg" 133435 bytes, ??, Fred DiMatteo.


[thumbnail of File0442.jpg]"File0442.jpg" 130221 bytes


[thumbnail of File0443.jpg]"File0443.jpg" 138040 bytes


[thumbnail of File0444.jpg]"File0444.jpg" 173766 bytes, Gil Gagne, Guy Abate, ??, Peg Abate, Carl Bolivar.


[thumbnail of File0445.jpg]"File0445.jpg" 140630 bytes, ??, Peg Abate.


[thumbnail of File0446.jpg]"File0446.jpg" 169346 bytes


[thumbnail of File0447.jpg]"File0447.jpg" 143566 bytes


[thumbnail of File0448.jpg]"File0448.jpg" 123206 bytes, "I am a wild and crazy guy!!".


[thumbnail of File0449.jpg]"File0449.jpg" 166772 bytes


[thumbnail of File0450.jpg]"File0450.jpg" 122752 bytes, ??, Guy & Peg Abate.


[thumbnail of File0451.jpg]"File0451.jpg" 114879 bytes, Fred DiMatteo.


[thumbnail of File0452.jpg]"File0452.jpg" 139708 bytes, ??, Fred DiMatteo.


[thumbnail of File0453.jpg]"File0453.jpg" 153013 bytes, Gil Gagne, Guy Abate.


[thumbnail of File0454.jpg]"File0454.jpg" 151202 bytes, Howard RockStad, Fred DiMatteo.


[thumbnail of File0455.jpg]"File0455.jpg" 152236 bytes


[thumbnail of File0456.jpg]"File0456.jpg" 155980 bytes


[thumbnail of File0457.jpg]"File0457.jpg" 137046 bytes, ??, Fred DiMatteo.


[thumbnail of File0458.jpg]"File0458.jpg" 138625 bytes, Fran O'connor.


[thumbnail of File0459.jpg]"File0459.jpg" 165699 bytes

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