Alfas at the Glen, September 2005

Alfa Romeo was the featured marque at the 2005 SVRA event at Watkins Glen, NY.  Peter Krause and the organizing committee did an excellent job of getting a large number of significant Alfas to now only show up, but to participate in the feature race.

In almost 25 years of attending car events, this one really stood out as among the best.  The level of camaraderie was outstanding, and the racing was all very competitive and yet polite!

For me, the highlight of the weekend was observing the trials and tribulations of Will Painter.  Will had borrowed a tow vehicle and trailer and come from California, only to blow up his motor first thing Thursday morning.  He secured an engine from another attendee, and set about getting it somewhat prepped and installed.  At any given time, you would observe 4-5 pairs of hands working on things, or sometimes 3-4 sets of feet poking out from underneath the car, as Alfisti volunteered to help get Will back up and running.  To hear the car turn over Saturday evening, and to see Will out on the track during the feature race, was truly gratifying.

There are a number of pictures of Will spread throughout, but first, the 'official' picture, provided by Peter Krause:

<2005_09_09> Friday evening, race cars on the old course, Peter Krause and Horst Kwech at the banquet.

<2005_09_10> Saturday, practices, qualifying, and getting Will car back together.

<2005_09_11> Sunday, feature race, Bonnie as a pace car.

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