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Before, looking good!  No idea what lies ahead..


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Rick, Pat, Andy, Dane.


[thumbnail of IMG_2187.JPG]"IMG_2187.JPG" 1157560 bytes

Heading towards the starting line.


[thumbnail of IMG_2188.JPG]"IMG_2188.JPG" 815302 bytes

Rick holding the camera, Pat, Amy Jo, Jeremy, Heidi, Carol, Dane, Andy, Adrien


[thumbnail of IMG_2189.JPG]"IMG_2189.JPG" 941712 bytes

Bring it on!


[thumbnail of IMG_2190.JPG]"IMG_2190.JPG" 695394 bytes

Rangers go first!


[thumbnail of IMG_2191.JPG]"IMG_2191.JPG" 800064 bytes


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Difficult footing, "I stubbed my toe"..


[thumbnail of IMG_2193.JPG]"IMG_2193.JPG" 1175271 bytes


[thumbnail of IMG_2194.JPG]"IMG_2194.JPG" 922424 bytes

Pat stretching for his first leg.


[thumbnail of IMG_2195.JPG]"IMG_2195.JPG" 1025458 bytes

Dane hands off to Pat, every second counts in a 31 hour race!


[thumbnail of IMG_2196.JPG]"IMG_2196.JPG" 962853 bytes

Dave and Andy provide support - Van 1 rules!


[thumbnail of IMG_2197.JPG]"IMG_2197.JPG" 616008 bytes

Pat passes off to the old, fat guy on the team.


[thumbnail of IMG_2198.JPG]"IMG_2198.JPG" 650070 bytes


[thumbnail of IMG_2200.JPG]"IMG_2200.JPG" 1260824 bytes

Dave provides support to the old, fat guy!


[thumbnail of IMG_2201.JPG]"IMG_2201.JPG" 1005801 bytes

Handoff to Mike!


[thumbnail of IMG_2202.JPG]"IMG_2202.JPG" 892198 bytes

Dave provides support to Mike!


[thumbnail of IMG_2203.JPG]"IMG_2203.JPG" 824425 bytes

Pat provides support to Mike!


[thumbnail of IMG_2204.JPG]"IMG_2204.JPG" 873029 bytes

Mike's looking good!!


[thumbnail of IMG_2205.JPG]"IMG_2205.JPG" 740941 bytes

This guy wasn't on our team, but had interesting hair!


[thumbnail of IMG_2206.JPG]"IMG_2206.JPG" 786903 bytes


[thumbnail of IMG_2207.JPG]"IMG_2207.JPG" 1218307 bytes

Van 1 provides support for Amy Jo - where was Van 2?


[thumbnail of IMG_2208.JPG]"IMG_2208.JPG" 959594 bytes

Amy Jo nears the top of a difficult hill.


[thumbnail of IMG_2210.JPG]"IMG_2210.JPG" 718169 bytes

A runner or a gynecologist?


[thumbnail of IMG_2211.JPG]"IMG_2211.JPG" 637577 bytes

What a fashion statement!


[thumbnail of IMG_2212.JPG]"IMG_2212.JPG" 690427 bytes

We try to push Van 1 uphill.

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