[thumbnail of IMG_2214.JPG]"IMG_2214.JPG" 954285 bytes

Dave finishes his third leg!


[thumbnail of IMG_2215.JPG]"IMG_2215.JPG" 1040182 bytes

Andy's ready to fly!


[thumbnail of IMG_2216.JPG]"IMG_2216.JPG" 830198 bytes

Andy was racing everybody..


[thumbnail of IMG_2217.JPG]"IMG_2217.JPG" 1078751 bytes

Andy passes to Dane, an 8.6 mile leg to another 8.6 mile leg, but it looks like a sprint relay handoff!


[thumbnail of IMG_2218.JPG]"IMG_2218.JPG" 1203665 bytes

More Van 1 support, Pat takes the water bottle from Dane.


[thumbnail of IMG_2220.JPG]"IMG_2220.JPG" 890214 bytes



[thumbnail of IMG_2221.JPG]"IMG_2221.JPG" 954622 bytes

Mike on his third leg.


[thumbnail of IMG_2222.JPG]"IMG_2222.JPG" 615009 bytes

Mike is looking nice and relaxed!


[thumbnail of IMG_2223.JPG]"IMG_2223.JPG" 1062213 bytes

Mike passes to Adrien, don't blink or you'll miss him!


[thumbnail of IMG_2225.JPG]"IMG_2225.JPG" 899969 bytes

Go Amy Jo, Van 1 is cheering you on, Van 2 is where???


[thumbnail of IMG_2226.JPG]"IMG_2226.JPG" 1127219 bytes

Jeremy prepares for the handoff.


[thumbnail of IMG_2227.JPG]"IMG_2227.JPG" 808981 bytes

Rick hand off to Jeremy - note they're both wearing fuel belts!


[thumbnail of IMG_2228.JPG]"IMG_2228.JPG" 683339 bytes

Go Jeremy!


[thumbnail of IMG_2229.JPG]"IMG_2229.JPG" 722663 bytes

Rick cools down, discusses I.D.B. injuries.


[thumbnail of IMG_2230.JPG]"IMG_2230.JPG" 1234093 bytes

Pat prepares a choice of Devil dogs or Twinkies for Jeremy.


[thumbnail of IMG_2231.JPG]"IMG_2231.JPG" 746128 bytes

Jeremy refuses the Twinkie, but will regret this decision later!


[thumbnail of IMG_2232.JPG]"IMG_2232.JPG" 930475 bytes

Jeremy approaches the handoff to Heidi.


[thumbnail of IMG_2233.JPG]"IMG_2233.JPG" 904599 bytes



[thumbnail of IMG_2234.JPG]"IMG_2234.JPG" 731276 bytes

Heidi smacks her lips and takes off!  Note all the disappointed men!


[thumbnail of IMG_2235.JPG]"IMG_2235.JPG" 879927 bytes

Van 1 cheers on Heidi!  Van 2 is nowhere in sight.  We think they stopped for lunch!


[thumbnail of IMG_2236.JPG]"IMG_2236.JPG" 902914 bytes

A few of the dreaded Tutu girls at the last transition area.  Without realizing it, they have become the arch enemies of the Mass Soles.  We'll get them next year!!


[thumbnail of IMG_2237.JPG]"IMG_2237.JPG" 797150 bytes

Damn you, Tutu girls!


[thumbnail of IMG_2238.JPG]"IMG_2238.JPG" 862237 bytes

Andy prepares to receive the baton from Heidi.  What, no smooches?


[thumbnail of IMG_2239.JPG]"IMG_2239.JPG" 787390 bytes

Can't tell if he's securing the baton on his wrist or checking his watch.


[thumbnail of IMG_2240.JPG]"IMG_2240.JPG" 938083 bytes

Andy needs something, perhaps a Twinkie?


[thumbnail of IMG_2241.JPG]"IMG_2241.JPG" 607958 bytes

Van one prepares for a crucial Twinkie handoff.


[thumbnail of IMG_2242.JPG]"IMG_2242.JPG" 820950 bytes

If you look closely, you can see Andy salivating!


[thumbnail of IMG_2243.JPG]"IMG_2243.JPG" 497112 bytes

The dreaded Tutu girls!


[thumbnail of IMG_2244.JPG]"IMG_2244.JPG" 682715 bytes


[thumbnail of IMG_2245.JPG]"IMG_2245.JPG" 652781 bytes

At the finish line, they're so smug!  The Mass Soles will return, Tutu girls!!


[thumbnail of IMG_2246.JPG]"IMG_2246.JPG" 712463 bytes

The Tutu girls finish just ahead of us.  Sigh..  If only Van 2 had provided better support..


[thumbnail of IMG_2247.JPG]"IMG_2247.JPG" 787390 bytes

Andy comes tearing through the finish line!  We did it!


[thumbnail of IMG_2248.JPG]"IMG_2248.JPG" 762748 bytes

The rest of the Mass Soles try to catch Andy!


[thumbnail of IMG_2249.JPG]"IMG_2249.JPG" 707460 bytes

Team captain proudly displays her medal!


[thumbnail of IMG_2250.JPG]"IMG_2250.JPG" 687132 bytes

It would surprise nobody if he's wearing the Ranger shirt under that suit..


[thumbnail of IMG_2251.JPG]"IMG_2251.JPG" 850175 bytes

Heading for the 'after' photo, myself, Rick, and Andy.


[thumbnail of IMG_2252.JPG]"IMG_2252.JPG" 748639 bytes

212 miles and 31 and a half hours later, looking great, feeling a little tired.


[thumbnail of IMG_2253.JPG]"IMG_2253.JPG" 765477 bytes

I like this one - we're all paying attention!


[thumbnail of IMG_2254.JPG]"IMG_2254.JPG" 800297 bytes


[thumbnail of IMG_2255.JPG]"IMG_2255.JPG" 735912 bytes

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