April, May 2006

World Tour!


This was one long road trip!  Having taken on two new projects at work, I had to visit a number of corporate sites.  It turned out, the 'easiest' thing to do was just keep working my west, until I made it all the way around the globe!  The really frustrating thing was that after 5 weeks on the road, I was only able to stop at 'home' for 2 days before departing to California for another 2 weeks!  So 'home' seemed like just another stop on the trip..

The trip started relatively easy, but then turned into something of a marathon.  Dealing with international flights and customs every 2-3 days can wear you down, not to mention bringing along enough clothes and supplies for 5 weeks on the road, and having to repack them all every 2-3 days.

Despite all that, I was able to squeeze in a little fun here and there..

<2006_04_10> First stop, California.  Picked up my freshly painted GTV6 in anticipation of a track day the following day.  Unfortunately, the car only made it a few miles before 'failing to proceed', so I towed it back and rented a 350Z to take to the track.

<2006_04_11> Second stop, Buttonwillow Raceway.  Not a bad way to start a trip!

<2006_04_12> ALFA means "Always Looking For Another"

<2006_04_16> Tokyo

<2006_04_19> Shanghai

<2006_04_20> Shanghai, snake for dinner!

<2006_04_22> Shanghai

<2006_04_23> Shanghai, Maserati dealer, and a friend I made at dinner!

<2006_04_24> Shanghai

<2006_04_25> Shanghai, dinner in the TV Tower.  After dinner, my coworker and I stopped in a museum in the bottom level.  I noticed an old car, looked like a Chinese Model T, maybe form the 1920's.  I pulled out my camera to take a picture, and I was told to stop!  My coworker asked them why (in Chinese), and they told her because it was patented!  Imagine that, being told I can't photograph an 80 year old car in a country where intellectual property has no value, because it was patented!

<2006_04_26> The fast way from downtown Shanghai to the airport.  430 km/h, 7 minutes from down town!

<2006_04_27> Pattaya, Thailand!  The Hard Rock Hotel was *the* place to be!

<2006_04_28> Pattaya

<2006_04_29> Pattaya - Buddhist temple on the mountain, Buddhist carving *in* a mountain, and elephants!

<2006_04_30> Pattaya, Ripleys Believe it or Not!

<2006_05_01> Thailand

<2006_05_02> Chennai, India

<2006_05_04> Bangalore, India

<2006_05_05> Bangalore

<2006_05_06> Netanya, Israel

<2006_05_09> Monza, Italy.  I only took the pictures of the hotel room because this was an upgrade to a suite!

<2006_05_09_Alfa_Museum> Milan, Alfa Romeo Museum.  For an Alfa fanatic, this is like an Elvis fan visiting Graceland..

<2006_05_11_Mille_Miglia> Brescia, for the start of the Mille Miglia.  Wow!

<2006_05_12> Glasgow, Scotland.  What's a trip to Scotland without a sheep picture?


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