January, February Cross Country Trip

I was looking for a good 'first car' for Cara, something reliable, reasonably priced, and with a MANUAL TRANSMISSION!  After looking at a few 7-10 year old Hondas and Toyotas in Mass, all with a zillion miles and the usual New England wear and tear (i.e. corrosion), I started to poke around in California.  Perhaps I could find something with the miles, but without the rust.

I stumbled across this Hyundai, 3 years old and only 19,000 miles!

The trip was relatively uneventful, I had a little college recruiting to do at Purdue University in Indiana, which kind of broke up the trip a little bit.  Otherwise, I didn't waste a lot of time, and only really took pictures with my cell phone.

One little encounter with a polite Nebraska State Trooper, but I was lucky to get a warning and not a ticket..

<2006_01_28> Here is as, as purchased, cleaned, and detailed.




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